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.Qasr Baljeeka - is a one stop center for two lovely and delightful gifts which are high quality Belgium chocolates and the alluring Noora flowers.
QasrBaljeeka situated right in the heart of the beautiful and blissful city of Fujairah

As a Company our never-failing accent on high quality is building an attractive reputation among enlightened chocolate and flower enthusiasts in Fujairah and the vast Middle East region.
Our aim and ultimate goal is to become the leading Premium Chocolate and Noora Flowers Company in Fujairah


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Premium Choclates

high quality Belgium chocolates made from a unique and distinct combination of the finest ingredients that make it a symphony of taste and texture

Wedding Choclates

we provide the premium chocolate service our aim is to always let our customers feel our immense passion and care as they take their time to relish our scrumptious chocolates.

Chocolates Boxes

When it comes to packaging, our tantalizing chocolates or rather chocohala are packaged in elegant and decorous boxes that are uniquely designed to control the temperatures

noora flowers

In case you need to buy the best flowers in Fujairah then, your last stop should be at our eminent flower shop. We will offer you with a unique flower experience.

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